Your Motorcycle Customization Options

Posted on: 29 May 2015


If you are thinking about having a custom motorcycle built for you, then you should know about the various bike customization options that you have, such as customizing your bike's:

  • performance
  • fit
  • style
  • accessories

Here is some basic information about each option:

Your Bike's Performance

In order to customize the performance aspect of your motorcycle, you can choose the stage kit that will be used. In addition, you can choose the intake and exhaust sizes that work together to improve the torque and horsepower of your bike.

Your Bike's Fit

A custom motorcycle will be made to fit you like a glove. Fit customization is available for:

  • foot controls
  • handlebars
  • seats

Also, the suspension on your bike can be customized so that your feet will be flat on the ground while you are stopped. This fit is necessary for both your safety and comfort. Foot controls and handlebars can also be adjusted and sized to allow you to operate your bike in comfort and safety as well.

Your Bike's Style

Customization allows you to select a variety of:

  • paints 
  • seats
  • wheels

You can also customize all of the smaller parts on your bike, from the foot pegs to the mirrors. These simple items can easily come together to change the overall look and feel of your custom bike. With a wide variety of paint schemes and techniques, you can customize your bike to meet your personal style.

Your Bike's Accessories

Customization also offers a variety of accessories to make your ride more comfortable and to help your bike to be more functional on longer trips. Accessories available include:

  • backrests
  • luggage bags and hard-shell containers
  • storage racks

In addition, there is a wide variety of windshield options that you have to choose from. Windshields are available in a variety of size and tint options. 

Storage racks come in permanent and detachable options, as do luggage bags and hard-shell containers. Backrests are also offered in a variety of sizes and heights, to fit a wide variety of body types and riding styles.


Now that you can clearly see the wide variety of options available when you have your next motorcycle custom made, you should visit a local dealership in your area and kick some tires. Once you have seen all of your customization options in person and have decided what you want your bike to look like and how you want it to perform, then you can order your bike online or locally from a dealership. One place you might consider is your Edge Harley-Davidson motorcycle dealer.